Sunday, 25 August 2013

Our Maiden Post

Hello Internets!

Why are we creating a blog? Who are we? Well, Mel and I had a lengthy discussion (we didn't actually) and decided we use our first post to sum this up.

Firstly we aren’t under the impression that we are exciting, that we have the answers to life’s tough questions, that we can teach you anything or make hilarious cat videos (neither of us own cats so we ruled that one out early).
So basically this blog isn't that witty insightful, hilarious one you may have been hoping for, but we will post occasionally funny things, a little nerdiness but mostly it'll probably be dull.
At least we're honest! But we hope despite all this you'll enjoy it anyway.

What we are though, is two very different but equally awesome friends who live on opposite sides of the world (Hong Kong and Aus) that one day decided that they would start a blog, to post random, weird, fun, nerdy, and probably ridiculously boring stuff. 

Why you ask? Well, because we can, and to help the people of the world procrastinate from all those important things that they should be doing but really don't want to. Oh and it seemed easier than starting our own radio show (Although there has been many a long drive when we thought this would be a spectacular idea).

Now we know the why, it's onto the other important stuff. Who exactly are we?

Well Jus is nerdy in a lot of ways. She's nerdy about games, she's nerdy about makeup and she's nerdy about nerdy things (she will happily sit and discuss Doctor Who theories over a coffee) Jus is a self confessed Dork and attempted DIYer

Then we get to Mel. Mel likes stuff. Infact she likes lots of stuff and this means that she is a little bit of a hoarder. She's also a little bit weird and strange, but feels like it's all part of her charm! She loves vintage things, make up, and attempting things way out of skill range (with often disastrous and sometimes hilarious results). She also loves anything Americana, especially food (As does Jus and is part of the reason they are friends and have their own holiday).

Now we could tell you more, but if you read this blog (fingers crossed!) then you'll get to learn more! After all, what is life without a little mystery!

So that's pretty much it. Us summed up. We hope you are entertained by our random ramblings :)