Thursday, 26 September 2013

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....

For those of you out there who when January rolls around think 'Are you serious? Hot cross buns in the supermarket ALREADY?'


(but honestly when are hot cross buns ever a bad thing?)

By the title you've probably already realised that for me, Christmas season has begun. Not only that, but I actually started with the Christmas planning and shopping quite some time ago now (I wont admit how long ago).

My Christmas wrapping theme last year!

Christmas is just one of those holidays I love, with the lead up to it being possibly even more exciting! 

I love everything about it, buying people presents, having advent calenders, decorating trees, cheesy Christmas carols, community Christmas Fairs and wearing ridiculous Christmas themed outfits for the whole month of December. It's a pretty awesome time of year. (And once Christmas gets a little closer, I'll share some of my Christmas ridiculousness with you all!)

Combining my love of decorating and baking at Christmas!

Spending some time with part of my lovely fam (One of my favourite parts!)

Jus is also just as much, if not more crazy about Christmas (or Chrimbob, I'll let her explain that one) as I am, and it's one of the best things about our friendship, that's she shares my crazy at Christmas.

And as much fun as the shopping, decorating, baking and general silliness of the season is, I also love that it's a time of year when people focus on spending time with the people they love, on doing kind things for one another and generally spreading cheer.

I'll never forget last year as I was on my way to work, the Salvation Army was at the train station, dressed in their Christmas gear playing carols and fund raising, when a homeless man went up to them and donated money, then turned around to encourage everyone at the station to do the same.

It was so lovely to see how someone who already had so little, still wanted to give to other people in need, and it's something that has stuck with me ever since.

So that's a little about why I love Christmas and the holiday season in general, but what do you guys think? Do you love Christmas as much as we do? (Can't wait to see Jus' post on this! haha) Do you have any weird or wonderful Christmas stories? Have you already started preparing for the holiday season too? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Till next time


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bucket List Part 2 (The Mel edition)

Don't you love when you have random conversations with your buddy over whats app and you get onto a subject that really gets you thinking?

Well even if you don't, that's what happened to Jus and I yesterday.

I've said quite excitedly on a number of occasions 'Well that's another thing off my bucket list!' and have been so very lucky to do some amazing, silly and wonderful things in my life so far. I've been to Graceland, touched Michael Buble's hand, been to Disneyland, started a Christmas tradition with my family, been to IMATS, held an Oscar and much much more.

That time I got to pose with ELVIS' MICROPHONE at sun studios and pretend I was a rock star

But like Jus, had never really sat down and thought about putting together a comprehensive list of things I've still yet to accomplish.

Probably the biggest one I will soon be checking off, is being a contestant in the wonderful Miss Camperdown Cruise competition.

Whilst I have many fun and silly things on my list (who doesn't want to be an expert Hula Hooper and have a yearly pass to Disneyland?!) being part of Miss Camperdown actually ticks off a few serious things for me.

For those of you that know me well, you may know that I've struggled with anxiety and depression at various stages of my life with social anxiety being probably the most problematic. It has stopped me from doing and pursuing many things that I love to do and have always wanted to do, but having recently made massive progress (and by recently I mean the last few years) I'm ready to embrace my love of vintage, do some super fun things, meet some amazing people and get on stage in front of what will probably be quite a lot of people as my new alter ego Miss Lorelai Rose! (And if I'm not completely paralysed with fear and then recover enough to bolt in the other direction before it happens, I will totes blog about it!)

But back to the current list. I sat down to think about this for a whole 5 minutes, so it will obviously grow, but here goes:

-Compete in a Pin up competition (Almost check!)
-Live and work overseas for at least a year
-Travel Europe and see where my dad grew up
-Become an awesome Hula Hooper
-Live in LA and have a yearly Disneyland pass so I can go to Disneyland ALL THE TIME.
-Go Dapper Day at Disneyland.
-Go to Club 33 with Jus.
-Tailgate at an NFL game.
-Go to an NFL game
-Find the worlds best Mac and Cheese
-Restore a vintage truck with my Dad (This one is almost checked off too! check out the before photo   below)
-Have Christmas where it's cold (So I can have an ugly Christmas sweater party and my guests wont die of heat exhaustion)
-Drive down Route 66 in a vintage convertible

1935 Chevy Truck-The before photo. It's almost complete now!

So that's my list! Would love to hear what things you all have on your lists, so please feel free to comment on either of our posts! But for now, I'm off to find my Hula Hoop and get practising.....

Till next time

Monday, 16 September 2013

Bucket Lists

So Mel and I were talking today and Bucket Lists came up.
Dodgers Games in LA from my last World Trip - Another thing of the list :)

If you didn't know, Mel is ticking an item off her Bucket List this year by competing in the Miss Camperdown Cruise competition [her name is - oh sorry, I've been told off]
But then we discussed what is on our Bucket Lists. 

Personally I've never really thought about it. There are plenty of things I'd like to do but I've never thrown them together in a comprehensive to do list.

I think I've been pretty fortunate to have a person who allows me to drag him on whirlwind adventures, upending his life, and allowing me to check things of my mental lists but since discussing it with Mel I thought we could put them up here. 

A concrete to do list that we can update you on. So without further ado here is the start of my Bucket List

- Have my work published in a magazine sold on new stands
- go to Japan
- have a white Christmas
- go to an NFL game and tail gating party
- have a big friends/family sit down Thanksgiving dinner
- go on ConTour
- attend a Disneyland event (Halloween etc)
- go to Club 33
- Pound some grape in Napa Valley
- Learn to Henna tattoo
- DIY my own Munny design

Yeah, a lot of my list revolves around American things or travel hahaha. What I love is part of the beauty of this is it will always be growing. I've done a world trip,  lived overseas and been to Angkor Wat and travelled along the Mekong, all things previously on my list, that I have been lucky enough to cross off. 
Elephants walking through the gates at Ankor Thom in Cambodia

Some of these will be easier to tackle. I have had my own Munny for a year now, blank, white and taunting me, but I'm too scared to put an average design on it!

So, lets share ideas, what's on your Bucket List? Also, I'm curious to find out what else is on Mel's??