Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bucket List Part 2 (The Mel edition)

Don't you love when you have random conversations with your buddy over whats app and you get onto a subject that really gets you thinking?

Well even if you don't, that's what happened to Jus and I yesterday.

I've said quite excitedly on a number of occasions 'Well that's another thing off my bucket list!' and have been so very lucky to do some amazing, silly and wonderful things in my life so far. I've been to Graceland, touched Michael Buble's hand, been to Disneyland, started a Christmas tradition with my family, been to IMATS, held an Oscar and much much more.

That time I got to pose with ELVIS' MICROPHONE at sun studios and pretend I was a rock star

But like Jus, had never really sat down and thought about putting together a comprehensive list of things I've still yet to accomplish.

Probably the biggest one I will soon be checking off, is being a contestant in the wonderful Miss Camperdown Cruise competition.

Whilst I have many fun and silly things on my list (who doesn't want to be an expert Hula Hooper and have a yearly pass to Disneyland?!) being part of Miss Camperdown actually ticks off a few serious things for me.

For those of you that know me well, you may know that I've struggled with anxiety and depression at various stages of my life with social anxiety being probably the most problematic. It has stopped me from doing and pursuing many things that I love to do and have always wanted to do, but having recently made massive progress (and by recently I mean the last few years) I'm ready to embrace my love of vintage, do some super fun things, meet some amazing people and get on stage in front of what will probably be quite a lot of people as my new alter ego Miss Lorelai Rose! (And if I'm not completely paralysed with fear and then recover enough to bolt in the other direction before it happens, I will totes blog about it!)

But back to the current list. I sat down to think about this for a whole 5 minutes, so it will obviously grow, but here goes:

-Compete in a Pin up competition (Almost check!)
-Live and work overseas for at least a year
-Travel Europe and see where my dad grew up
-Become an awesome Hula Hooper
-Live in LA and have a yearly Disneyland pass so I can go to Disneyland ALL THE TIME.
-Go Dapper Day at Disneyland.
-Go to Club 33 with Jus.
-Tailgate at an NFL game.
-Go to an NFL game
-Find the worlds best Mac and Cheese
-Restore a vintage truck with my Dad (This one is almost checked off too! check out the before photo   below)
-Have Christmas where it's cold (So I can have an ugly Christmas sweater party and my guests wont die of heat exhaustion)
-Drive down Route 66 in a vintage convertible

1935 Chevy Truck-The before photo. It's almost complete now!

So that's my list! Would love to hear what things you all have on your lists, so please feel free to comment on either of our posts! But for now, I'm off to find my Hula Hoop and get practising.....

Till next time


  1. Oh I forgot all about the Oscar holding! And talking to Gino Acevedo and Neill Gorton! Oh what a makeup-y nerdy squee day that was in my life *sigh*

  2. Oh that day had so much makeup-y nerdy squee! I still can't believe how few people were there. Or how many people didn't go to the amazing talks when we were at LA IMATS. Cray Cray!

  3. Um, travel Europe and go to funnily named places with Tim you mean?! You and Amanda should have Xmas here, it's super super boring unless you have people around!