Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I should have been a mermaid

So on the weekend the boy and I went to check out Halloween-Fest at Ocean Park, because, as we all know, Halloween is awesome.

Let me tell you, if you in HK in October, check it out and splurge for the premium tickets, skipping the massive queues for rides is worth it.

As much as I love rollercoasters (Hair Raiser is new and super fun) I absolutely loved the Aquarium! I've always loved Aquariums, maybe it's the fact I'm a water baby, briefly entertained the idea of becoming a marine biologist or maybe I just should have been a mermaid.

Anyway I just thought I'd share some photos

Spotted Eagle Ray

School fish (that flash of orange was actually a Jack'o Lantern with food in it)
Hammer head shark swimming overhead
Manta Ray swimming overhead
Spider Crabs

Probably some of my favorite things at the aquarium are the Jellyfish, as evil as they are (seriously have you been stung? It hurts!) I have no idea what is what just pictures :D

Anyone know any more awesome Aquariums?

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