Thursday, 13 March 2014

Planting the seeds of Green Beauty

Hello! Yes I'm still here! Technically WE'RE still here. I spoke to Mel today so I know she's around.
I know time has elapsed and you're thinking, well.... This is pretty adventure-less. But to be honest I've been embarking on my next adventure (and watching Oscar nominated movies).

So my last post was about resolutions and I shared mine with you. I was pretty overwhelmed with where to start to be honest and just didn't know where to begin. So I did what I do best. I read. 
I started with Not just a pretty face by Stacey Malkan.

It's an interesting expose into the US beauty industry and the role the FDA plays. Considering most cosmetic companies have companies I the US, I figured it's a good place to start. It also looks at all the environmental and health groups that fight for cosmetic companies to look at their ingredients and do what's best for the consumers.

After that I moved onto No more dirty looks by Siobhan O'Conner and Alexandra Spunt.

Can I just say I love this book, it has a very informative approach and looks at cleaner beauty from the approach I'm taking, that is that I know I won't be able to stop using everything bad, but I will be cleaner where I can. 
From there I've found products and blogs to help me keep learning, but they are other posts in themselves. 

I know that it may seem like I'm buying into the whole thing, kit and kaboodle, but I did take these books with a grain of salt. The thing is a lot of what they say does make sense to me, there are so many ingredients that we don't know what they are, just look at the chemical name and take them at face value, because we do trust that these companies to do what's best for us. 

We also know there are awful ingredients out there, that are still being used, how many of us have picked up products that are phalate free? paraben free? sulfate free? I know I did, what I didn't know though, what just how many ways they can name these products, just how many other brands may use these products. I know I was shocked when I looked at the body wash in my shower, and found the second ingredient to be Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Lets just say from the way the brand is marketed, it's the last thing I thought I would find in there. 

So this is the start of my journey. I've been researching, reading, cleaning and adding new cleaner and greener products to my shelf. I'll be honest, I'm scared to tackle my kit, that will be a big job and a big investment to green it up. 

I'll be back to share with you some product reviews and some blogs I read, but until then if you're interested and have an iphone I'd also recommend the app Think Dirty ( it's a new app that will rate your products in your bathroom. It's a helpful little app that saves you the job of reading the ingredients of every. single. item. The database is still quite small, comparative to the products on the market but it certainly has a good range and by scanning and submitting items that are missing you help the app grow. I've managed to take my bathroom shelf from an 8 (yikes!) down to a more acceptable 4

So, what are your thoughts on non-toxic beauty? What are you interested in learning more about? Where's Mel? What was your favourite Oscar movie?